Chemical Injection Quill Information

Injection quills can be used to inject almost any chemical, ranging from common oil and gas applications such as methanol, corrosion inhibitors and anti-scalants which are used to avoid freezing, reduce corrosion and reduce scaling on the internal cavity of pipes, to a large variety of other process chemicals used in refineries, upgraders, petrochemical, water and wastewater plants, mines and an assortment of manufacturing processes.

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Technical Specifications:

Chemical Injection Quill size are Available: 1/2” up to 3”

End connections are available in Screwed / Socket & Butt Weld Flanged.


♦  Chemical Injection Flare weld Access Fitting

♦  Chemical Injection Buttweld Access Fitting

♦   Chemical Injection Socket weld Access Fitting

♦   Chemical Injection NPT Access Fitting

♦   Chemical Injection RJ Flange Access Fitting

♦  Chemical Injection RF Flange Access Fitting

♦  Chemical injection RJ API Flange Access Fitting

♦  Injection/Sampling Tube Assemblies

General Specifications:

♦ Inbuilt NRV (Ball & Spring type) to prevent back flow/ External NRV

♦  Pressure Rating up to -2500 PSI

♦  Mounting type–Threaded (NPT 0r BSP), Socket Weld, Flanged End, Online Retractable type

♦  Temperature Rating –up to 260 C

♦  MOC- Depend on the process requirement (Minimum SS304)

♦  Injection Points: Straight Type, Cross Type, Spray type based on the process application


Applicable Standards for Injection Quill:

Corrosion Inhibitors

Methanol Injection

Scale Inhibitors

Wax Inhibitors




Pour Point Depression